Introduction to the Greene Guide

Greene Guide LogoWelcome.  I wanted to launch this blog by introducing myself and explaining what my goals are in creating this site.  With the growing number of information sources available, I want to make your visit here as enlightening and as friendly as possible.  So let me begin by telling you a bit more about myself.

I was first attracted to the field of reproductive medicine as a medical student.  In vitro fertilization was a brand new procedure then and prompted the beginning of a subspecialty in order to create experts who are focused upon the complex issues of establishing pregnancy.  I wanted to be part of this new frontier which complemented my training as an obstetrician.

Much has changed during my first decade as a specialist in this field.  With each and every breakthrough, we move incrementally closer to achieving the sort of results that our patients seek; yet the goal of near perfect pregnancy rates remains a distant target.  This distance drives us to create more data, new ideas and an expanded focus of all of the details involved with each unique patient/couple to individualize the care we provide.

My perspective shifted a bit when my wife and I became patients in order to become parents.  Based upon our age, we decided to jump right into treatment.  Unfortunately, we were both disappointed by the cookie-cutter and dispassionate approach in which we were treated.  I knew there had to be a better way.  Eventually, our efforts paid off; resulting in the birth of our daughter.  My wife and I both feel that our success was linked to our ability to  personalize our treatment plan and modify our lifestyle.  The journey benefited me in that I bring my knowledge and my experience to the individuals and couples I meet.  The Greene Guide is an extension of that effort.

Through this site, I hope to share with you the latest research in an easily understandable fashion so that you can discuss it with your provider with confidence.  I will focus on dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes and complementary therapies that may either improve your outcome or just empower you to customize your family building plan.  I will also provide some of my personal insights as both a successful patient and dedicated provider.  Please feel free to email me with your suggestions, concerns, and questions or to request topics that you’d like to learn more about.  This is all intended to educate and assist you so your feedback is always welcome.  I’m looking forward to working with you.

Best thoughts,


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