Coffee Consumption: not as risky to your fertility as you probably thought

Coffee Consumption: not as risky to your fertility as you probably thought

Posted by Robert Greene, M.D.

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My goal in writing my books and blog has always been to relay the latest scientific evidence to the public; especially when that information contradicts popular opinion. Take for instance when my book PERFECT HORMONE BALANCE FOR PREGNANCY[G1]  (page 30) was published. One of the most intriguing assertions in that book—at least as estimated from media interest—was that pregnant women did not need to give up coffee to improve their pregnancy outcome. The fact that there may even be some health benefits really seemed to invite criticism. Now the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology has issued a Committee Opinion [G2] indicating that the myth that normal caffeine consumption increases the risk of miscarriage or adverse outcome is unwarranted. Keep in mind that such positions are only published when the evidence is very good and the need to correct a popular misunderstanding warrants clarification.

When it comes to those trying to become pregnant, there are also some potential benefits to moderate caffeine consumption. Several studies have demonstrated for instance that coffee can improve sperm motility [G3] for some men with mild male factor infertility. For women, studies [G4] show that caffeine does not increase the risk of anovulation and it can help regulate irregular menstrual bleeding.

So although I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend that you start drinking coffee if its not part of your current lifestyle; I do believe that it is time to lift the outdated advice to abstain. This advice is even more important when you consider the many other healthy steps that you can take to truly boost your fertility and possibly improve the outcome of your pregnancy.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Consumption: not as risky to your fertility as you probably thought

  1. After a lifetime of irregular cycles, last year they started getting more regular…and the one habit I picked up was DRINKING COFFEE!! Oh my gosh! Lol, could’ve been cheaper if I had tried it 3 kids before 🙂 ha ha. But then I wouldn’t have met you! Maybe drinking coffee helped me unknowingly concieve the 4th boys! Here’s a toast to a morning cup ‘o joe! 🙂

  2. This is the best news I’ve heard all day. My shadow of guilt has been instantly lifted over my one cup of coffee in the Morning While TTC #2

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