The Obesity Dilemma

Over the last 25 years, infertility rates have risen in proportion to the rise in obesity in men and women in their reproductive years.  One analysis determined that at least 10 percent of today’s fertilty problems are related to overeating. The good news for obese people is that losing 10 percent of your body weight will improve your chance of conception (if you’re overweight, not obese, you’ll see the benefits after losing only 5 percent of your body weight). So create short-term goals on your path to hormone balance and don’t focus on attaining your ideal body weight.

Excerpt from Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility

4 thoughts on “The Obesity Dilemma

  1. Dr Greene,
    I am a former patient trying to refer someone to you. Are you at CA IVF Davis or elsewhere? Hope you are well!

    1. Greetings Dr. Z.,
      I hope you are well. I do appreciate your support. I have relocated to CNY Fertility Center. Although it might be a bit of a trip, the person you wished to refer may find it to be a journey worth taking–and even cost effective. You can refer her to the following website to set up a consultation .

      Best thoughts,

      Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

      1. Dr. Greene,
        Wow! I will let my friend know where you are and I wish you and your family all of the best “on the other coast.” Is there a way to get your work email (I checked the site and could not locate it) so I can give you a personal update(
        Keep up the good work,

      2. I am working on updating the blog to include my email address: I do look forward to hearing from you–and anyone/everyone else that wishes to reach me.

        Best thoughts,

        Robert Greene, MD, FACOG
        CNY Fertility Center
        Syracuse/Rochester/Albany, New York
        Ph. 800.539.9870

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