Correcting hormone imbalance improves fertility AND reduces cancer risk: even more reason to consider metformin to reduce insulin resistance

Most people have accepted the role of reducing insulin resistance in order to improve
fertility and reduce miscarriage in women with PCOS. The question that often comes
up is what is the most strategy to achieve this goal. True there are many dietary and
lifestyle modifications that can improve insulin sensitivity. The problem is that each
person needs a different combination of recommendations tailored to their unique
situation. That’s why having a simple and well researched medication to prescribe is
such a bonus. Metformin meets these needs.

Not only has metformin been shown to improve fertility; it has also been linked to
a reduced risk of miscarriage as well. Now there is a growing body of evidence that
metformin can reduce the risk of various cancers.

Many studies have shown the type II diabetes—the most severe form of insulin
resistance—is associated with elevated risks of various types of cancer. So it has long
been hoped that the types of medications that can reduce insulin resistance should also
reduce cancer risks. Better still; the data that has emerged with the use of metformin
has also been associated with a reduced risk of endometrial (uterian) cancer and breast

So if you’ve got insulin resistance and want to become pregnant, there is even more
compelling reasons to consider metformin as part of your treatment regimen.

2 thoughts on “Correcting hormone imbalance improves fertility AND reduces cancer risk: even more reason to consider metformin to reduce insulin resistance

  1. Dr I have been sufferring from unbalanced hormones since I started my menses abt 21 yrs ago.hv been on different medications but null and void,now on metformin wll it help me menstrate???plz I need an advice on what 2 take and concieve

    1. I am so sorry to learn of your predicament. There are many women whose hormone imbalance is contributing to problems related to infertility, miscarriage or even simply their health/wellness. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on your specific situation. I would need to know much more about your medical history, your test results and reproductive goals. That said, I can reassure you many women benefit from the use of metformin. So it sounds like you are making a step in the right direction. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.
      Best thoughts,

      Robert Greene, MD, FACOG
      CNY Fertility Center

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