You are what you drink- continued

We have previously discussed in this blog the impact of the beverages we drink on fertility.The old saying of “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more true- what you eat absolutely impacts how we feel and our overall health.


New research is adding to this old saying- what you drink may be just as important as what you eat, when it comes to fertility. Similarly, we also discussed that the beverages you consume now can impact the health of your future children: women that drank beverages with low-calorie sweeteners are more likely to have obese children.

New research adds to these concerns. In this large study, the dietary habits of men and women were evaluated while they tried to conceive. Drinking sugary beverages was associated with decreased fertility for both men and women. Similarly, participants who had consumed the most sugary drinks (>7 servings/week) were found to have the lowest odds of fertility for both men and women.

This study looked at what couples drank during an IVF cycle and monitored their outcomes. They found that couples that drank more sugary drinks like soda did worse in IVF, when compared to couples who don’t drink sugary drinks: fewer eggs and fewer good quality embryos.

Take home points:

  • Men and women should avoid sugary drinks when trying to conceive, but particularly if they are using IVF
  • Using artificial sweeteners is not necessarily a safe alternative to sugary drinks
  • If you can’t completely eliminate sugary drinks, consider limiting your intake to <1 beverage a day.

4 thoughts on “You are what you drink- continued

  1. I have never been a sugary soda drinker, and used to be an occasional diet soda drinker until I cut that out long ago. I also opt for whole fruits instead of fruit juice for more nutrients. What is your opinion on drinks with naturally occurring sugar, like kombucha, that are made with teas, juice, chia seeds, etc. Are the probiotics worth it, or does the body also treat these as just another sugar source?

    1. Hi Michelle! Great questions! It depends on what your goals are. If you are trying to lose weight, keep it simple and avoid drinks that have calories including juices. If your weight is where it needs to be, I leave it up to you to decide. I have no reason to think that drinks like kombucha or juice have a negative impact on your fertility. I personally keep it simple when trying to conceive and drink water and teas.

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