Guest Blog: How To Support your IVF Journey by Kate Potvin

As we near the launch of our new integrative approach to supporting your fertility treatment through diet/exercise and lifestyle adjustments, we are partnering with various experts like Kate Potvin to not only provide recommendations but give you tools to actually implement them as well.                         ~Robert

Kate Potvins Website

I know you want a baby more than anything and I know you’d do almost anything to have one.


So what if I told you there were a few very simple things you could do that would improve your chances of winning the baby lottery?


Here’s the thing: our bodies are actually very beautiful, and well oiled machines that thrive in optimal conditions. Sometimes things get out of whack and just don’t work quite the way we want them to, and medical intervention is necessary. And that’s okay.


But we can still do some things to help support our bodies’ natural balance and increase our odds that IVF will be successful, and this idea that small changes can make a big impact is the foundation of my signature program Flourish.


So here 5 simple things you can do to support your IVF journey:


  1. Eat regular meals

I know many of us are super busy so we end up eating in the car, at our desk, or maybe not at all! But eating regular meals at regular times can help keep our blood sugar level and keeps our stress levels down. If we don’t eat, and our bodies think we’re starving, it creates a hormonal cascade in our body that definitely does not support fertility. If you’re a grazer and snack all day, try to limit your eating to 3 meals, again to create consistency for your body. Be sure to include high-quality protein and fats with every meal to help you stay full!


  1. Take time to pause

Our lives can be stressful, but they don’t need to be, if we pay attention every so often and learn how to use stress in a positive way. You’re never going to eliminate stress from your life, but learning to create pauses or time-outs during your day to slow down and breathe can go a long way toward managing your stress levels. Choose 3 times during the day and set a timer to go off on your phone. When the timer goes off, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and take 20 deep, full belly breaths. That’s it. Then go back to work or whatever you’re doing, but I’m betting you’ll feel a little calmer!


  1. Cultivate a positive mindset

It’s so easy to get discouraged when month after month the pregnancy tests are negative. But keeping a positive mindset is so important for our physical and emotional wellbeing. I know this is easier said than done, so don’t get down on yourself for feeling blue sometimes. I recommend keeping a gratitude or positivity journal. Every evening write down 5 positive things that happened, or 5 things you feel grateful for. They can be really simple, like the woman who complimented your shoes at the grocery store, or the rainbow you saw on your drive home. Simply remembering and savoring these small moments will help you find more positivity during the hard times.


  1. Power down

Sleep is so important for healthy hormone function and many of us just don’t get enough! And one of the major culprits is that phone you’re holding right now in your hot little hand. Blue light from our screens actually prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells us it’s time for bed. Even if your phone has a yellow-shift setting, all the images and scrolling are really stimulating for our brains, and don’t help us feel sleepy. Set a timer and power down your device or put it in airplane mode about an hour before bed. Then do something old-fashioned like read a book! You’ll be catching the zzzz’s in no time!


  1. Support your body with exercise

Moving our bodies helps support healthy blood flow and hormone balance. But if you’re trying to conceive, you might want to tone it down a bit. A recent study has shown that moderate exercise like walking or yoga are best options when you’re trying to get pregnant. Think about activities that nourish you and help you feel energized afterward, instead of depleted. Try a yoga for fertility class at your local studio or online with my special Fertility Yoga series on Yoga Studio App.


Remember that you need to nurture yourself so that your body can nurture a growing baby. All of these tips are super easy to implement and can have a positive effect on your overall health, increasing your odds of a successful IVF cycle.


Looking for more ways to support your body and mind through your fertility journey? Join my 12-week Flourish Fertility program and learn how to create new, nourishing habits that will optimize your fertility. You’ll not only learn my best diet and lifestyle tips, but you’ll learn how to actually implement them and stick with your new routines. Plus, learn my most important mindset shifts that will help you feel more resilient through the ups and downs of this journey. Learn more here.



Kate Potvin is a fertility coach and yoga teacher who believes in taking a mind-body approach to healing. She empowers women to take charge of their own fertility journey on her website and on instagram @flourishfertility. Learn her 10 Secrets for Happier Hormones here []


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