4. Wash your hands (seriously)


For the next 10 days, I will be posting daily tips for how you can minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals in our environment. 💄💅🤢

4. Wash your hands.

Washing your hands before you touch your mouth or food is the easiest way to minimize your exposure to dangerous chemicals. Use plant-based soaps that do not contain fragrance. Did you know that the average “fragrant” contains about 14 secret chemicals that aren’t listed on the label and 80% of which have never had safety testing in personal care products?! You don’t need this nonsense.

Similarly, avoid anything labeled as “anti-bacterial” which has the chemical triclosan. There is no evidence that washing your body and home with antibacterial products does any good compared to old fashioned soap, water, and scrubbing! Women with higher triclosan exposure take longer to conceive. Triclosan is also associated in lower oocyte yield in couples undergoing IVF. Triclosan has also been associated with disruption of thyroid function.

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