10. Choose seafood wisely

For the next 10 days, I will be posting daily tips for how you can minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals in our environment. 💄💅🤢

10. Choose seafood wisely

C5BD835E-D42F-4DA3-A294-18552BDF7B58.jpegSeafood is incredibly confusing. On the plus side, seafood has healthy omega 3 fatty acids. But then we learn about mercurcy contamination and things get complex. OBGYNs recommend seafood consumption based on a study that showed that expecting moms who regularly consumed seafood had smarter babies. Fish and shellfish are low in fat, high in protein and good sources of iodine, vitamin D and selenium, often deficient in the Western diet.

But decades of industrial activity have released mercury and other pollutants into oceans and waterways; those contaminants end up in seafood.  My recommendation is that if you eat fish, consume one to two 4 ounce servings a week of one of EWG’s best bets like wild salmon.

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