To Those Hoping to Celebrate Mother’s Day (Next Year)


As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, I am reflecting upon the journey that my wife and I undertook to become parents. It may seem to an outsider that it was easy given that I’m a fertility specialist and I work in a top performing fertility center; but it wasn’t. In fact, my wife and I felt quite isolated. We didn’t openly talk about our efforts at the time because we didn’t want to invite the scrutiny of family and staff. So I understand how sequestered the process can feel. That’s why I so fully appreciate efforts like those of women like Lisa W. (in the photo above) that are not only willing to share their experience but also work to help others. I encourage you to check out her website and see if she can help support you in your efforts. It’s great to have someone you can talk to that’s been on the same path.

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