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Our society is changing and as physicians, we have to be adaptable to this changing world and what our patients need. As such, our blog has also increased its presence on Instagram @nataliagrindler_MD and @smilingloudly We will continue to post on this blog with evidence-based recommendations. But we will also be using our blog to provide the links that are not available on Instagram. So if you are interested in checking out the studies referenced in today’s post, see below!


Why YOU (and your OBGYN) should care about #endocrinedisruptors 🤷‍♀️🤢🧪


✅We are exposed to 84,000 chemicals each day.

✅The majority of these have not had testing to see if they can cause harm.

✅Our global health is changing: more cancers, decreased fertility, increased #asthma, increased #autism and #ADHD among many others.

✅Medical societies (ACOG, FIGO, ASRM) all agree this is an important issue

✅Pregnancy and #TTC is a great time to minimize harmful exposures.

✅By minimizing these exposures in pregnancy, we have the potential to prevent lifelong adverse health outcomes.



I published a research study that showed that <20% of OBGYNs ever talk to their patients about dangerous chemical exposures. ❗️❗️❗️

We can do better. As women’s health providers, we SHOULD do better. I encourage all OBGYNs to read their societies committee opinion about endocrine disruptors; those that do are more likely to feel comfortable talking to their patients about these important issues.



Picture of me from a conference earlier in the year where I shared my research and passion for advocacy with endocrine disrupting chemicals.

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