Is IVF bad for my health?

Is IVF bad for my health? 




Every month a woman’s body loses the same number of eggs, regardless of whether they are doing IVF or on birth control pills. So you don’t lose any more eggs doing IVF than you do each month on your own. Doing IVF will not make you run out of eggs sooner, or go through menopause earlier. 


The hormones used for IVF are similar to the hormones your body naturally makes each month. You are on these hormones for a limited time period. The impact of this is small on your overall health.


IVF does not cause cancer.

✔️Women who are doing IVF are often using these technique because of infertility and endometriosis; these conditions in themselves increase the risk of ovarian cancer.
✔️IVF does not  increase the risk of breast cancer, even in women predisposed to cancers due to genetic mutations like BRCA

✔️IVF does not increase the risk of thyroid cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, cervical, or colon cancer


As with any medical procedure, there are risks. But the risks of complications in IVF is low. 

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