Common Questions Regarding Male Fertility—a conversation

Most fertility treatment targets the female partner. In fact, many of the male partners feel helpless during treatment. Often viewing themselves as “problem solvers,” it is common for men to as if they are bystanders during fertility treatment. As a result, many questions aren’t asked and potentially useful advice is often withheld.

In order to overcome this information gap, we’ve recorded a video conversation where we try to address the most common questions that have come up regarding male fertility testing and treatment. Topics that we cover in this video include:

  • Testing including explanation of semen analysis
  • Diet/lifestyle tips as well as supplements
  • Potential role of sperm freezing (you may not have considered)
  • Dispelling popular myths
    • Boxers vs briefs
    • Caffeine
  • Role of ICSI (sperm injection into the egg) in modern IVF
  • Emotional support for men

Here’s a link: (about 40 minutes)

Stay informed,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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