Genetic Screening of Embryos as Part of IVF Treatment

Modern IVF—when practiced with the most current technology—is not only more effective than ever before but can also be diagnostic. One of the tools that really provides some of the greatest insight is the use of genetic testing. Not all centers use these tools and there are several different ways to perform genetic testing. There are many opinions on what is best. Here is a recent conversation that I had with Fertility Coach and previous patient, Lisa White:

In case you don’t have 30 minutes to spare—here are some key points in the conversation:

  • 00:47—Clarification of Acronyms
  • 02:00—What do I recommend and why
  • 05:00—Description of the process
  • 07:50—Who should consider genetic testing?
  • 11:40—Alternatives to transferring abnormal embryos
  • 13:50—How often do patients choose not to have testing (at our center)?
  • 14:30—False-Positive and False-Negative vs. “embryos repairing themselves”
  • 16:00—What are costs or potential savings:
  • 18:00—Lisa’s personal experience (an example)
  • 19:00—Some of the additional diagnostic information that can possibly be attained
  • 21:00—What about people using an egg donor?
  • 26:00—How is this different than “embryo grading”?

We hope that this conversation answers some of your questions so that you can guide your treatment choices.

Stay informed,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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