Introduction to Egg Quality: optimizing pregnancy rates and minimizing miscarriage risk

Too many people rely upon their fertility center to create results. In reality, one of the most important aspects of fertility treatment in determining success is egg quality. I’ve been doing a deep dive on the latest research to try to determine what can be done to optimize egg quality. Attached is a link to a Clinical Conversation created to begin analyzing this topic. The goal is to provide women with data-driven practical tips. I hope that you find this helpful as well as motivating to help you begin making some healthy choices to insure your success:

Egg Quality Part 1 (23:10):

  • 1:20 natural pregnancy rate
  • 3:00 Comparison of Sperm Quality vs Egg Quality and how they impact natural rates
  • 5:00 Components for estimating Egg Quality
  • 7:00 Aspects of egg quality
  •                 —DNA
  •                 —Mitochondria
  •                 —Other physical components of the egg
  •                 —Metabolism of the egg
  • 9:00 A new perspective on fertility treatment
  • 10:45 Age and egg quality / egg number
  • 13:00 Emerging view of egg development
  •                 —wave theory vs. continuous recruitment
  •                 —DNA markers vs age (~15:00)
  •                 —Hottest topics—>new data on genetics of eggs
  •                 —Individual variation offers hope for intervention
  • 19:30 Egg quality if often a key component of “Unexplained Infertility”

With kindness and optimism,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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