DIET, LIFESTYLE AND FERTILITY: emerging science on steps to improve outcome

There is a growing body of research that explains how we can actively improve our own health, wellness and fertility. It involves paying attention to our food choices, our activities and the chemicals that we allow ourselves to be exposed to through our choices as consumers. Here is a link to Clinical Conversation episode where I am sharing some of the latest science. 

Fertile 2021: nutrition and lifestyle (29:53):

1:00 Moving beyond theories and popular recommendations

2:00 Creating evidence-based diet-lifestyle tips to boost health, wellness and fertility

2:50 Food—let’s define what we need it to do

5.25 Moving from surviving to thriving

6:10 Eating Mindfully

                —Seeking foods in their most natural state

                —9:00 Food preparation methods (i.e., microwave oven, air fryers, etc)

                —11:30 Organic—why it matters

                —12:15 Plant-based eating

                —13:00 Timing healthy changes to fertility treatment

                —15:50 SIRT foods

                —16:40 Intermittent Fasting; what it is and why it may help

                —19:30 Concerns of ketogenic diets during fertility treatment/pregnancy

                —20:15 Alcohol—total abstinence may not be needed

22:15 Emotional Stress and is management

                —Meditation and slow deep breathing

                —Studies on fertility and egg quality

24:50 Some Additional Tips to consider

—Sleep and the potential role of melatonin

—Exposure to cold temperatures may have health promoting benefits

—Forest-bathing; emerging science how trees can influence immune resonse

27:45 Follow the evidence and make your decisions consciously

With informed optimism,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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