ENDOMETRIOSIS UPDATE; latest information on how it impacts fertility

We have been talking about endometriosis since I began my career as a fertility specialist in 1995. Yet it is really over the last several years that I feel we are finally beginning to understand the various ways it can impact fertility. Like most disorders, it is a condition on a spectrum that can manifest in various ways with varying implications.  Here is a link to an episode of our Clinical Conversation series where I am sharing some of the latest science.  This episode includes some questions submitted by some of our regular listeners. I hope you find it to be helpful.

Endometriosis: clinical conversations with Dr. Greene and fertility coach Lisa White

(~27 minutes):  https://youtu.be/znrz0IoRGv4

0:35 Definition: what is endometriosis?  

2:50 How common is endometriosis?

4:30 How can you rule out endometriosis as a contributing factor?

4:50 Submitted question: Do you approach IVF differently in women with endometriosis?


–Implications on egg quality

9:15 Submitted question: Is it safe to have endometriosis during a pregnancy?

                —some rare forms of endometriosis described

11:00 Submitted question: Are we seeing an increase in women with endometriosis?   

12:30 Some Diet/lifestyle tips to reduce the risk od developing endometriosis?

—BONUS: link to recent article from EndometriosisNews

14:30 What supplements do you recommend for endometriosis

                —Pycnogenol: link to previous blog post

                —BONUS: new research suggests curcumin may also be of benefit

19:40 Submitted question: Is it a good idea to treat endometriosis prior to IVF?

21:30 Endometriosis and Egg Quality

—BONUS:  One topic that I overlooked in this review is emerging data on how

                Endometriosis can cause hardening of the surface of the egg which can be overcome

                by using ICSI to fertilize the eggs. Here is a link to supporting research.

24:00 What about adenomyosis (endometriosis in the muscle of the uterus)?

—BONUS: There is a test for inflammation due to endometriosis as a factor in implantation failure. It is called a Receptiva-BCL6 test. Here is a link to additional information. 

As you can note, this is such a large topic with so much information we are still learning. Use this information to assist in guiding your treatment decisions.

With informed optimism,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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