“Unexplained infertility” explained: insights into one of the common diagnoses for couples trying to conceive

When couples are trying unsuccessfully to conceive and then present for evaluation—a variety of standardized tests are performed. If these tests all return with reassuring results, they are left with a diagnosis of “Unexplained Infertility” (ICD-10 Code 97.9). This is the treatment code used for about a third of patients diagnosed/treated in the USA. For many couples, this is very unsettling. In this episode of our Clinical Conversation series we try to provide details on what this means. Our hope is that this information is reassuring and helps more people move on from the diagnostic phase to the treatment phase with greater confidence.     

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Unexplained Infertility (17:20):  https://youtu.be/oTFw-3QV_hc

0:55 Unexplained Infertility—brief definition and use in coding

2:00 How if “infertility” defined

3:50 Creating a new definition: “Infertility, unspecified”

6:46 Sometimes greater clarification of diagnosis is revealed during treatment

                —(9:00) Example: Implantation Problems

9:45 When to stop testing—balancing risk vs benefit vs cost

11:30 Moving from Testing to Treatment

                –(12:15) Example: Male Factor—mild vs moderate

14:00 Each patient / couple has unique circumstanced making diagnosis more challenging

With kindness and optimism,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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