PCOS Awareness; self advocacy through knowledge

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) has been described as the most common hormone imbalance of reproductive age women. Yet it is estimated that only half of the women whose lives are affected by PCOS actually know that they have this condition. Despite their lack of awareness, PCOS may be contributing to their infertility, elevated risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complications as well as impacting their overall health and wellness. 

Recently we recorded one of our Clinical Conversations to help better explain the nuance of the diagnosis and management of PCOS with goal of empowering women to help actively manage their condition: https://youtu.be/hLctooFIKgY  (21min, 48 sec)

(0:30)—Reason for PCOS Awareness Month

(2:15)—Definition of PCOS

(3:30)—PCOS goes beyond the challenge of becoming a pregnancy

(5:15)—Emerging Categories/Types of PCOS

(6:00)—Rotterdam Criteria for PCOS diagnosis

(9:15)—Actively managing PCOS

(11:00)—Potential problems associated with PCOS in absence of management

(11:30)—Dynamic nature of PCOS

(14:00)—Creating short term and long term management goals

(16:30)—A few helpful tips to manage PCOS

        —Some dietary tips

        —Ironic benefits of eating soy

        —More evidence-based nutritional advice

(20:00)—Active management means directing your care

Stay aware,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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