Social Fertility Treatment—Options for Single Parents and Same-Sex Couples to Build their Families 

Much of modern healthcare is about identifying and treating disease. However, in the field of reproductive medicine we also have an obligation to assist single people and same-sex couples to also achieve their goals of having children safely and efficiently. In this podcast we explore the options for those that are presumed to be fertile—but simply lack the biological partner to conceive naturally.  I hope you enjoy this Clinical Conversation:


0:30 Definition

2:00 Everyone deserves the opportunity become a parent

3:00 Some of the potential risks of “home inseminations”

4:30 Customizing a family building plan to your goal

6:30 Understanding your options

9:30 Freezing eggs for later use (prolonging your reproductive potential)

11:00 Navigating the legal issues

12:00 Some tips to consider

In closing, we have a special treat. Here is a link to a podcast where a same-sex male couple have shared their journey to build their family together: It takes a village, Our Pathway to Leo:

With informed optimism,


Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado

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