Special Thanksgiving Day Note

Long weekends are a great opportunity for reflection and Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time for such reflection. Personally, I have much to be grateful for. I’ve got a wonderful wife who is also my life partner in everything. Together we underwent a journey of fertility treatment that after 2 years resulted in the birth or our daughter. We’ve worked together for over a decade now to help other couples achieve their dream as well but now we do so with the insight of what it actually feels like to experience the emotional roller coaster of fertility treatment. Toward that end, I am even more thankful now to have the knowledge, the technology and ability to perform the work that we do. So let’s consider how this can sort of reflection can benefit you.

Studies have shown that journaling—the act of reflecting upon and then documenting your thoughts—can markedly improve your health while relieving the effects of stress. Research has shown that it can reduce the number of asthma attacks, lower blood pressure and improve your ability to heal. Although there haven’t been as many studies in patients with infertility, journaling has been shown to reduce the complications that women experience during pregnancy. That’s what prompted my wife and I to create a journal to assist women in applying this during their pregnancy.

There are many different journaling techniques but writing is more powerful than talking because it requires more deep introspection and careful thought to express one’s emotions. During this long weekend, consider starting a “gratitude journal.” You may find that it not only improves your ability to sleep and stay healthy but it may even improve your chances of conceiving. At the same time, it creates a nice record that you can later share with your child.